Site Rules

I know how much that every one despises rules, but they are needed to keep order on the site. That and prevent your loving Admins from going completely insane.

1. You may apply with up to six characters. Please have the name of either your main character or a general name (such a Pringles or Fireheart) as your username. For example: Ken/Sam would be shortened to Ken or to Sam depending on who you would like for your main character.
2. Before you roleplay your character you MUST MUST MUST have a character application posted. There will be other applications... shorter and far easier to fill out, but they will be there.
3. You may not apply with more than three pets, regardless of how many characters you have.
4. You may NOT apply with a Gold Firelizard. You may also not apply with Kithar, Beauty Dragons or Gryphettes. These must be bonded on the site. Sorry.
5. Only certain dragons can be applied with unless you have permission from me. If you don't your character will NOT be accepted. In other words, don't try to apply with a mutation Dragon or a Gold Dragon. It won't happen.
6. You may only adopt one adoptable for every two original characters you create. This is to prevent one person from adopting all the NPCs and leaving us with none. There are NO exceptions to this rule. If you are caught breaking it, you WILL be deleted without warning.

1. Respect EVERYONE on the site.
2. If an Admin or Mod tells you something, listen, they have helped to put the site together and have every right to be shown respect.
3. Don't flame or spam the boards, please.
4. Advertisements go on the advertisement thread. Post them elsewhere and they will be deleted without question/warning/explanation.
5. No Porn on this site, despite what may happen IC I would rather not have any pornographic pictures being displayed on my site.
6. STAY ACTIVE! You must log in AND post once every two weeks. If you can't post IC then at least post something OOC. Boredom attacks everyone and we'd hate to see you not putting it to good use on here! ^^ You will go on suspension for a good month, messaging Makym (Kura) or Sora once every two weeks. If you don't do this...well...then we'll be forced to delete you in favor of people who are serious about roleplaying here.
7. ABSOLUTELY NO CHAT SPEAK! Unless it's "lol" or something like that. But none of this bull that looks funny like "Wut r u doin' 2nite?" Type it out properly or Drikkath has permission to take you on a one way trip between (AKA you'll be deleted if it becomes a problem).

IC General
1. No power playing, this one is a BIG no-no. If you are caught doing this one without permission than you will be suspended for a week. If you do this twice then the suspension will be 2 weeks. After that you will be deleted.
2. No god-moding, unless you've expressed permission from the other party and have notified the admin. For this too you will be suspended for 1 week. Twice will result in 2 weeks and the third time will mean deletion.
3. For the love of Faranth herself no 'perfect' characters. No Mary Sues or whatever the one for the guys is (Gary Stu or somesuch). Characters have quirks and flaws and other such things. If we don't like your char, you WILL be told and I expect no complaints on this...or I will eat you.
4. Fighting and killing is something that happens. Not at necessarily the weyr, but elsewhere. If you wish to kill off a character or something like that, then message the admin so that we might be able to remove your character from the pages.
5. Post length. How fun and exciting? Anyways, for this I will request that you post a minimum of five lines. It's easy to do. I don't want you sitting there and doing nothing. Description is a good thing and we'd like to see you TRY to include it.
6. Mature Content. I know this was never mentioned before but I've been asked about it since so now I'm including it. I don't have a problem if someone wants to RP that out just be sure to include a warning so people can avoid reading it if they don't wish to. (Warnings can be something like; Mature Content (MC), PG-13, Mature Viewers (MV), etc.)
7. DO NOT under any circumstances, make threads involving roleplays you did over e-mail, site messaging, YIM, AIM, MSN or any other form of messenger service. You may mention the Roleplay in question if you'd like but do not make posts that are continuations of what happened in said roleplay. If I catch this, it will be deleted without any warning whatsoever.

1. We prefer that no relationships occur between candidates. Especially since they have a chance of impressing. It'd do no good for the site if they were to try something like that. However, because I love a good twist or plot, this rule is one that may be broken... provided there is a reason. And as long as not everyone goes against this rule. Though be warned, if you are caught, you WILL be punished. S'ra's not fond or rule breakers.
2. If there is anything required of the candidates before a clutch, ALL candidates are expected to be there. If you miss it then it will be noted of and you may not be able to impress at that upcoming clutch. Unless you are willing to make up for it IC.

1. This is the same as the candidates. Only more stressed. Your weyrling has a dragon that needs their attention. Course, it's also one that isn't punished often. Just don't expect to go without punishment...even if it's just us separating dragon from rider or extra chores.
2. You must post at EVERY weyrling lesson or you will NOT pass weyrling training and become a dragonrider. You will simply have to wait for the next batch of weyrlings to come along.

1. There is a flight schedule. Bolded names are those that rise next. Message either myself or Makym and let us know that you realize your character is bolded and the next to rise. If you'd like to have a pet (other than a Firelizard) rise, please message either myself or Kura and we'll let you know when you can start the flight or chase.
2. The female chooses who is to catch her, not the males.
3. Please be sure that NO flight/chase lasts for more than 3 weeks. If you are having troubles deciding, narrow it down and flip a coin.
4. No betweening during a flight. If your dragon goes between during a flight, they don't come back. No ifs ands or buts! This may be done for plot purposes but only with permission.

1. When the winner has been announced, I (Sora) will message you with the clutch content and size if there is going to be a clutch.
2. Two weeks after the flight is the clutching. Three days after that is the touching, and a week from the clutching is the hatching (though none of this is strictly enforced).
3. The mother of the clutch decides who gets what, though I have full authority to take away that dragon if I feel you do not deserve it.
4. Unless you have joined during the hatching, you MUST attend the touching and lessons.
5. When bonding, if you complain over what hatchling you got, it WILL be taken away and you will not have another chance to impress. So, you want a dragon, take what you get.


Rules may be added as I see fit. Please don't make me add more. Also, some of you may recognize these as the rules from Ocean Tide Weyr (which they are). Since Makym is the admin there and I know Ruria, I didn't figure it would be a problem if I borrowed them. ^^